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Scar Ghyll - 00 & 009 DCC

The layout is progressing well, with lots of members working on different aspects of the layout. The DCC bus bars are being wired in, with cross board connectors utilising silicon wire and connections designed for model aircraft. The layout was connected to a computer for the first time, which was a success, with route planning available at the push of a single key. The basic scenic forming is nearly complete, with the first layers of static grass completed over a modroc and plaster base. Research continues into train formations that would have been found in the area at the time, and progress is being made with the station and goods areas. The layout was in the 2019 exhibition in September. 

The tramway is run automatically using iTrain and railcom feedback modules - this is still in it's infancy but progressing well, and the narrow gauge line will do the same in time for the exhibition in 2020.

The main lines are controlled with Roco handsets running through a Lenz command centre, and the points controlled by iTrain. If you are interested in learning more about this, or joining our pursuit to learn more about the automation side together feel free to come down the the club and have a chat with us. 

For the next exhibition we hope to add the trees to the layout, as well as the scenic details such as fences, figures, animals, etc, then there is just the small job of ballasting all of the track.

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